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"hi, my name is _____ and i absolutely love the products your company makes, especially _____. i've always been such a loyal customer and love telling all my friends/family about your best products. as someone who always shops with your top brands, i was wondering if there might be any freebies you would be willing to send me to test out? i always enjoy all your latest products, so anything you send for me to try would be fantastic! thank you so much for your time. best, _____" here's how to get started:

unfortunately, they slashed their commissions sometime in april of 2020. for example, for a category that now has a fee rate of 3% (such as lawn & garden or baby products), you used to get an 8% fee rate. so, you now have two options. you either stick to the amazon affiliate program but make considerably less money (and there are people who used to make in the thousands and they now make in the hundreds' worth of commissions) or you stop using any plugins that work with amazon's api, start copying the images manually, but use only the 'buy buttons' to direct people to amazon and to another affiliate site.

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