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With the old-school and traditional book market growing at only 1% a year and the self-publishing market hitting a robust 17%, the option to self-publish books is more attractive than ever. The other metric to keep in mind is that a self-published author gets to keep 60-70% of all sales. There have been many success stories in this field. Here are a few to inspire you:

Sign up with Survey Junkie to answer questions about what you buy, and how you buy it. It's a very straightforward survey site, offering lots of market research opportunities. The paid online surveys vary in length, though longer questionnaires often pay better. Honey is a browser extension that will actually sniff out deals for you. Shopping for goods online? Honey will find and apply deals and promo codes to save you money seamlessly. Honey's reward program, called Honey Gold, can earn you up to 15% cashback on each online purchase, and the cashback is paid in gift cards.

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So, for example, you might receive a 200% bonus when you deposit $50, in which case you'd receive an additional $100 in bonus money. Ohio Government Portal

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HeadWaters will be a $500 million casino-hotel built along the Elizabeth River near Harbor Park. It will also be a full-service resort with a performance venue, convention center, restaurants, and retail shops.

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The first online sportsbook went live March 5th–a partnership between the Southland Casino and Betly, an online betting site owned by Delaware North. Longshots under consideration by legislature (1)

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關於外文書裝訂,版本上的差異,請參考[外文書的小知識]. 若您具有法人身份為常態性且大量購書者,或有特殊作業需求,建議您可洽詢「企業採購」.退換貨說明

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